View Full Version : Unable to update the firmware on two Slimp3 players

2005-11-18, 19:08
Just upgraded to the newest version of the slimserver software, and it was stating that there is a new version of the firmware for the original slimp3 players. I was unable to upload the firmware to either device, I made sure the mac address and the ip address were correct. I also plugged the slimp3 directly into the router that my PC is connected to. I was also able to ping both of the players without any problem. I did make sure that the slimserver software was not running either, but I still cannot upgrade the firmware, does anyone have a answer to why this is not working and what I need to do to make this work. This is the error I am getting:

System 1060 has occured
I attached a picture of the error when trying to update the firmware.

2005-11-19, 11:47
That 1060 error can be ignored, it's just complaining that it
couldn't stop SlimServer.

I'm confused by you saying that it was prompting you to upgrade your
software, it shouldn't do that for SLIMP3s.

What exactly is the server saying?

2005-11-19, 16:58
I am on the 2.2 version of the firmware, and this was on the page when I installed the newest version of the slim software:

Firmware Update

If you own a Squeezebox, you may be prompted to update your firmware when it first connects to the SlimServer. Press and hold the Brightness button on the remote control until the firmware update begins.

If you own a SLIMP3 Player, we recommend that you use the SLIMP3 Firmware Updater to update the firmware on your SLIMP3 player to the latest version, 2.3. This application is available for download. You can check the version number of firmware installed on your SLIMP3 by reading the number at the lower right-hand corner of the display when you plug in your SLIMP3 player.