View Full Version : Synchronizing two SB3s through SqueezeNetwork.

2005-11-18, 18:11
Hello, I have two SB3s. When listening to the same radio on the two, the audio streams are never synchronized. There is always a delay of about 1s or less between the two. This get of course quite disturbing when one moves around the house.
Would it be possible to add in the SqueezeNetwork the possibility to synchronize two or more SB3s together. In otherwords, the same feature as what is already available with the SlimServer.

2005-12-16, 10:56
Although I am not affiliated with slim devices in the slightest way and therefore would have no idea- I doubt that they will do this for you. The process would probably eat up way too much CPU at their end.
However, I may be wrong.