View Full Version : Questions about linking Squeezebox and Qnap TS-101

2005-11-18, 06:56

I've been looking around for a device to plug into my stereo to play my library of albums stored in WMA format on my PC, and so far the Squeezebox 3 looks like it's exactly what I'm after.

I would like to have the files available when my PC is off, so I'm also looking to get a Qnap TS-101, but just wanted to check that I can plug the Squeezebox straight into the Qnap with a crossover cable.

Is this possible, or will I need to use a hub?

Also, does anyone know when these are likely to be available in the UK?


2005-11-18, 09:30
It should connect fine with a crossover cable, but I'm sure Paul from Progressive (the agents) will confirm. Last ETA I had was 25th November.