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2005-11-17, 13:51
I've upgraded Slimserver to 6.2x from 6.0x and upgraded the firmware on my squeezebox 2.

I normally use 'browse folders' to look through my music, in the main folder I have near to 300 artists. Whilst in this view I use the numeric keys to skip to the letter of the artist I'm looking for, ie pressing '7' repeatedly cycles p,q,r,s etc.
However this only works properly when the unit is first powered up, if I then do the same with the '9' key (wxyz) then go back to '7' it no longer works properly and the more I try different keys the more bizarre it's behaviour becomes - in the end quite often just switching between two (unrelated) letters.

As an experiment I installed softsqueeze and this exhibits exactly the same behaviour - so it would seem the problem is on the servers side.

Is this a known bug or does anyone have any ideas?

2005-11-17, 14:37
Yup, looks like you're right, does that to me too. I'm on 6.2.1 - 5179 on Windows XP. You might want to log this as a bug - I did a search on http://bugs.slimdevices.com/ but couldn't see anything. Curious that the keys work in a more sensible way on the other "browse" functions - I wonder if this is due to the new way that browse music folder is implemented in 6.2?


2005-11-17, 14:53
I can't reproduce this. Can you give some specific examples with
what button you press and what you see on the screen?

2005-11-17, 15:24
I'll try... using Softsqueeze 2.2 on 6.2.1-5179 on windows XP.

Browse Artists, for example, works as I'd expect:
"2" -> A.F.I
2-2 -> Bach
5 -> Jake Thackray
7-7 -> Queen ......etc

Browse Music Folder -> flac [this is a link] -> albums -> (this is my folder structure) shows me on the display

flac/albums (1 of 110)
Al Stewart


7 -> Paul McCartney (correct)
6 -> Mariah Carey (correct)
9 -> Whitesnake (correct)
2-2 -> Bananarama (correct)
3-3 -> Eagles (correct)
7 -> Paul Simon (not sure about this.. this is my second "P")
6 -> Matt Bianco (second "M")
9 -> Whitney Houston (second "W")
4 -> Genesis (correct)
7-7-7 -> R.E.M. (correct)
6 -> Men At Work (3rd "M")
3-3 -> Earth Wind and Fire (2nd "E")
4-4-4 -> Incubus (correct)
4-4-4 -> James Taylor (wrong!)
6-6 -> Nik Kershaw (correct)
2-2 -> Beatles (2nd "B")
5-5 -> Nik Kershaw (wrong)

... and so on. You can see it starts correctly, then goes for the Nth name in the list for the Nth selection of that letter, then gradually entropy starts to set in. After a few more of these it gets really random.

I should add that each of these artist folders has one or more subdirectories, one per album. I don't have many instances where there are enough albums by one artist for this test to be meaningful at the lower level, but I did try it on one where I have 5 albums and got some pretty random results right from the start.



2005-11-18, 08:32
Mine behaves pretty much as ceejay describes.

I've also tried to log this as a bug - but unfortunately having got a username/password for bugzilla it still won't let me log on...

It would be nice to see this fixed - previously the sheer number of folders on my drive meant whilst switching in and out of my 'artists' folder the squeezebox would freeze for several seconds - now with 6.2 it appears almost instantly - so I'm almost one very happy bunny.

2005-11-18, 12:26