View Full Version : 'All Songs' on search result?

Pascal Herczog
2005-11-17, 09:31
Using Slimserver 5.4.1, I noticed that having done an album title search on my Slimp3, which returned several albums, selecting the All Songs option before hitting play caused my entire collection to be put into the now playing playlist. Not quite what I expected!

Haven't dared upgrade to 6.x 'cos 5.4.1. works fine for me, but if the answer is that this would do the trick please let me know.


2007-01-14, 07:48
i just noticed a similar problem with 6.5.0, searching for artists and the selecting 'All albums' and then 'All songs' also dumps all of my music into the playlist.

Was your problem ever resolved?

Anyone else see my problem, or is it just me?