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Mike Schlansker
2005-11-17, 09:00
I am a newcomer to the squeezebox community. I just purchased a Squeezebox3 last week and I am very pleased with what I have seen so far. All of the functions through the IR remote work fine. I reliably play MP3s from a large music collection and browse Squeezenetwork. The basic web control functions work. I am able to turn Squeezebox on, off, browse music, etc. But, I am experiencing some problems with the web interface.

My problem:
If I browse the Internet radio’s list of suggested URLs and add a station from one of the categories to the playlist, Squeezebox3 fails to tune the station. If I paste a URL directly into the Internet Radio/Radio "tune in now" function, I get a little yield sign and error on page at the bottom of the IE window and the tuning function again fails. To add to the mystery, if I go to Help/Internet Radio, a similar radio URL box is presented. When I use from this "tune URL" box, Squeezebox tunes to the station just fine.

I installed slimserver (downloaded last week) on modern version of Ubuntu Unix. The slimserver version reports itself as: 6.2.0 - 4753 - Debian - EN - utf8. I am running Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180 on a windows XP client. I am connected to Squeezebox through wireless.

Does anyone know what is wrong? How might I further diagnose the problem?

Thanks for any help.
Mike Schlansker

Craig, James (IT)
2005-11-17, 10:37
I've just tried both Internet Radio pages in both ie and firefox on XP,
and all combinations worked.
This was with 6.2.1 so you might want to upgrade and see if this helps.


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Mike Schlansker
2005-11-17, 22:33
Thanks for the prompt response.

I upgraded to 6.2.1 and tried again. This also caused an upgrade to Squeezebox firmware.

The problem persists.

I enabled the I.E. debug function. When I click on, for example, Internet Radio/Slim Devices pics/Jazz and Blues Atlanta I get the following script error:

Line: 34
Char: 3
Error 'undefined' is null or not an object
Code: 0

I can't believe that Explorer won't let me cut and paste error messages. I had to retype it.

I can still tune successfully using help/internet radio

Thanks for any help.

Dan Sully
2005-11-17, 22:50
* Mike Schlansker shaped the electrons to say...

>The problem persists.
>I enabled the I.E. debug function. When I click on, for example,
>Internet Radio/Slim Devices pics/Jazz and Blues Atlanta I get the
>following script error:

What skin are you using? Can you try the default skin?


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2005-11-18, 00:33
> URL:http//

If this is really what IE says, then you are accessing some incorrect
address. But I guess it's a typo.



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Mike Schlansker
2005-11-18, 19:04
I am just learning about setting the skin. My tuning problem was originally demonstrated with the ExBrowse3 skin. I have now changed to the default skin. Now the browser fails to display a list of internet radio choices. Sub-menus for Music Library, Server Settings, and Player Settings show up fine. Sub-menus for Internet Radio and Help do not show at all.

As Michael pointed out, I mistyped the URL shown in my error report above.

Mike Schlansker
2005-11-18, 23:07
A little more sleuthing about my internet tuning problems. I am running perl 5.8.7 on the Ubuntu unix server. I can repeat my problem in firefox - very similar to IE.

I returned to the ExBrowse3 skin so that I can see the Internet Radio sub-menu. I then used Firefox's javascript console to debug. When I select one of the Internet Radio selections, I get:

Error: args has no properties (at the final line below)

function doBrowseCommand(cmd, args) {
var cmds;

if (JXTK2.Misc.isArray(cmd)) {
cmds = cmd;
} else if (cmd == "addtracks" || cmd == "loadtracks") {
cmds = [ 'playlist', cmd, args ];
} else {
cmds = [ 'playlistcontrol', 'cmd:' + cmd ];

var carr = args.split('&');