View Full Version : 6.2.1 Slimserver service stopping issue

2005-11-17, 08:39
Quick Question/comment, My Slimserver service has stopped twice over the past few nights. Typically I will be accessing a file via the SB2 via the "browse file folder" menu. I will keep hitting the right arrow button on the remote and the SB2 will lose connectivity with the server, and then go into a setup routine i.e. "trying to connect to slimserver at". In order to try and isolate the issue , I have tried using my other SB2, when these occurences happen. I see the same message on my other SB2 as well. The problem is fixed by restarting the slimserver service on the XP file server. Both times when this happened I was drilling down the file structure from the "browse file folder" menu. Note, I have a rather large file structure with over 55,000 songs/files. Comments suggestions? Also is there a log file I can view which might give some insight?


2005-11-17, 10:52
Assuming Windows, check the windows event log.

Start->Run and enter


and hit Enter. Look under the Application area for a log entry that shows a crash. Copy and Paste the crash text here.