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2005-11-17, 05:58
G'day all,

I have searched and read and I am now more confused than ever!

I have a small % of compilation albums

All my music is on a Linux box..
/%track% - %title%

For historical reasons the artist is either various/various artists/compilation.

My tags reflect this.

What do I need to get slimserver to recognise tracks that belong to one album?
This must be simple! :-)

I have seen various tagging suggestions and some use itunes or various other external solutions.

I don't want to physically move the mp3's but do want to group them properly.



2005-11-17, 07:24
If the ID3 tags contain the same album name on each track, the SB should group them accordingly.

I never had any luck using the group-by-filename option, but ID3 information hasn't been a problem.