View Full Version : SB3 Display tilt feedback

2005-11-17, 05:44
A few people, including myself, were concerned about the tilted back display on the SB3 and how this would affect visibility. Now that I have an SB3, I thought I'd post some feedback. Basically, it's not a problem at all. My SB3 is on top of a wardrobe, so is about 2m off the ground. I generally read the display when sitting on my bed at the opposite end of the room. However, I find it's perfectly clear - the tilted back angle hardly makes a difference. Another plus for the VFD display!


Ben Sandee
2005-11-17, 08:31
Another data point on the SB3 tilt: I initially had placed my SB3 on my
dresser which is only 1 meter off the ground. I never considered how
important the 10 degree tilt was until I rearranged all my SlimDevices to
showcase the SB3 in the family room for the holidays. Now I have my SB2 on
my dresser and it is much more difficult to read when I'm standing up next
to my dresser. Egads I need another SB3. :-)


2005-11-17, 10:21
The tilt is especially nice when the unit is sitting low. Ours is situated on a first glass shelf on the Bello TV stand. Its a pleasure to see the SB3 each night.

Outstanding design choice.

(what's also amazing is how the glass shelf in the Bello holds a 250lb set!)