View Full Version : Disappearing Pin numbers...

2005-11-16, 13:06
I've got a sb2 and went thru the process of setting of squeezenetwork. Went to squezenetwork.com added myself, looked up my pin, added the pin to my userid, etc. Worked fine!

Next day I go back in and my favorites are gone and the website says no sb2 connected. I go back to the box and there's a new pin. So I put that new pin number in website and am back in business.

Today I go back to the box and my favorites are gone. So I go to the website and it doesn't know anything about yesterday's pin number. So I go back to the box and it now has a new pin. So I put that pin in the website and am back in business (at least for today). I'm assuming it's not meant to work this way? Or am I missing something in the setup process?

Any suggestions?

2005-11-17, 13:28
Can you check the MAC address on the bottom of your player against
the one listed under View Current Settings in the setup menu on your
Squeezebox? It sounds like you might have gotten a corrupted MAC
address. If it is corrupted, press RIGHT when displaying the
settings and set it back to what you see on the sticker.

If you are using the latest version of SlimServer, you should have a
version of firmware that will prevent this corruption from happening