View Full Version : Feature Request: Option to indicate album art priority

2005-11-16, 09:53
I've just logged a new enhancement request. It can be found at:

Here's the details, there are probably several resolutions that could be done... I hightly recommend it for any Nokia 770 and iPod/iTunes users. Votes would be appreciated :)

When displaying Album Art, SlimServer currently displays ID3 Album Art tags if
they are available. If they are not available, SlimServer will look for
various art files (album.jpg, thumb.jpg, etc.) and show them instead.

With the popularity of iPods/iTunes many users access their SlimServer MP3 file
libraries via iTunes. Unfortuantely, iTunes will only display album art via an
ID3 tag. As such, if you want to view album art in iTunes or on an iPod, all
mp3's must have artwork tagged.

As explained above, SlimServer displays ID3 tagged artwork with priority over
file artwork. Therefore, there is currently no way to take advantage of file
artwork if you wish to have artwork in iTunes/iPods.

File artwork is particularly valuable when browsing songs by album artwork
because thumb.jpg files can be used that are considerably smaller in file size
than the fullsize artwork. This has a huge impact on browsing speed.

I propose an option be added to the Server Settings -> Interface page to allow
a user to specify weither artwork files or ID3 artwork tags should be displayed
with priority.