View Full Version : v6.0 database design for Artists

2005-02-14, 19:14

While testing the CLI, I found that 5.4 does not distinguish artists
which happen to have an "article" difference. "The Jam" and "Jam"
appear as one artist in the artist list (both CLI and WWW). I see this
because I am testing all entries in artists are in the DB and the
reverse, and of course that fails (since artists does not contain
"Jam", only "The Jam", but I have songs by both correctly returned by
Titles). For those not familiar with the CLI, artists and titles are
commands which basically return whatever the routines of the same name
in Music::Info.pm do.

I was wondering if that was corrected or accommodated in v6.0. (for the
moment I can't really test that with v6, much too shaky: last time I
tested there was no Artists AT ALL :) ). I imagine so but asking never

FYI, I also have cases of non reproducible strange behaviours ("No
Artists" popping out) while testing on the same machine/server/library
after rescans... but I'll leave that to 6.0 tests... 5.4 is good enough
I think for now in that regard.