View Full Version : Soun sounds holow out of fase

2005-11-15, 16:02
I'm listening to MP3's 192kb ripped with cdex and lamy. Somehow it all sounds out of fase and the voices are really on the background. does anyone know a solution?



2005-11-15, 17:46
Are you using headphones or the headphone jack? This is the type of sound you hear when you have it plugged half-way in.

If using an amp, are all your cables in correctly? Do you get a similar experience using a different device on the same amp and cables?

2005-11-16, 01:16
No, sorry the joke was all on me :(
For some testing is used the headphone out with a el cheapo speakerset (non amplified) and it appears that the wiring was faulty. When replaced with decent headset the problem was solved. I should have been more careful before placing the thread.