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2005-11-15, 15:46

i bought and own a squeezebox2. very sweet.

however, i would like to see my station as one of the stations you guys list by default:


this is the student station at penn state, and it has several shoutcast streams, altho they may convert one to aac.

they also broadcast penn state football.

what needs to happen to make this happen?

thx, -mdw

2005-11-15, 16:57
You can send comments and suggestions to comments (AT) squeezenetwork (DOT) com

There's also a list of requested radio stations on the Wiki, I
suppose this could be considered a "request":


On Nov 15, 2005, at 2:46 PM, MrSinatra wrote:

> hi,
> i bought and own a squeezebox2. very sweet.
> however, i would like to see my station as one of the stations you
> guys
> list by default:
> http://www.LION-Radio.org/
> this is the student station at penn state, and it has several
> shoutcast
> streams, altho they may convert one to aac.
> they also broubcast penn state football.
> what needs to happen to make this happen?
> thx, -mdw
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2006-07-09, 23:09
Thx Dean,

sorry to resurrect this old thread, and i just now updated that short list of stations on the wiki link you provided, but i didn't get a reply from that email addy.

is there another way to get the stations 3 streams, (all the same, just differing bandwidths) listed in SS and on SN?

even if you only listed the 128 one, that would be great.

if there's anything more i can do, please lemmie know, thx, -mdw

2006-07-10, 00:23
Why not attach them to the WikiRadio page then people can try them using the WikiRadio plugin without having re-type in the Titles & URLs ?

You can create the OPML file using the MyPicks plugin (needs 6.3) and then export them to the WikiRadio page.

2006-07-10, 00:26
i have to confess my ignorance...

is this something i need to DL and install?

can you please explain in a lil more detail just what it does? i don't know what OPML is.

2006-07-10, 00:56
You do not need to know the details abotu OPML except that is a general file format for creating outlines.
In this context we use as a playlist but it's better as it supports hierarchies and linking to other lists in other files. OPML is used by SlimDevices for their Slim Devices Pick list.

You can download the WikiRadio plugin from the Wikiradio page (http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?WikiRadio ) or from this link
Save the file in your Plugins directory and restart Slimserver.

There will be a new menu item WikiRadio - this enable you to browse the files and play stations from the file that are attached to the WikiRadio Wiki page. The link is live (but cached) so you always see the up to date link.

OPML files are easily created using the MyPicks plugin but it needs 6.3. Install MyPicks from here http://forums.slimdevices.com/showpost.php?p=119246&postcount=20 and restart Slimserver. Then go to MyPicks menu from the Slimserver webpage - add your stations and save them as a file - give a meaningful name to the file. Then export the file to the WikiRadio page (it is just a button push). Now anybody using WikiRadio can easily play your stations.

2006-07-10, 04:20
i must have done something wrong...

i seem to have successfully installed the Wikiradio plugin, but not the my picks one.

i went to the link you provided for my picks, downloaded the zip for SS 6.3, and unzipped it.

when it unzipped, i put all the folders and files (which retained their dir structure) in the plugins dir, in the same place i put the wikiradio plugin. i copied everything over except the zips empty root "plugins" dir, as i assume this is just to show you where to install, and is not supposed to be copied over itself, right?

so when i quit and restart SS and click on "my picks" it says:

There was an error loading the remote feed for My Picks: (Unable to open file 'D:\playlists\mypicks.opml')

i do have a D:\playlists dir but its basically empty. i also don't use itunes, is that relevant?

any idea what i have done wrong or what isn't working?

thx, -mdw

2006-07-10, 05:31
i think i found partial answers...

my picks is under radio, but the editor is under plugins...

so i'm messing around with that, trying to get it to work.

i don't know what an OPML menu is, and i also can't get the big "No Title" thing to be edited. it acts like i'm not clicking on it.

i tried manually, seems to work.

i might have figured out some of the rest, but i don't understand the right procedure, do i need to make a mypicks.opml file? any hints you could share at this point would be most appreciated. thx, -mdw

(please look at what i uploaded, where can i improve? how do i get rid of that underscore? virgin radio doesn't have one)

2006-07-10, 06:32
The idea behind MyPicks is to have you own customised list of radio stations - it supports hierarchy so that it is not one long list like a playlist.

MyPicks is under radio - as this is where you find radio stations that you can play. The editor is under Plugins as it is where you create the list - it is not intended to play from the editor except to test entries.

Bug - editing the title used to work - It may have been broken in the latest rev or else it is just in 6.3. In the meantime you could edit the file in Wordpad (not Notepad) and change the "No Title " to what you want - just keep to alphanumeric chars.

The mypicks.opml is the file for your own personal station list - you build it up as you like - you do not need to create it.

AFAIK a space is allowed in the file name so that you do not need to type in the underscore. However I'll check the code.

1. Since this is your file with just your stations calling it College_radio is a bit misleading - people would expect to find lots of College radio stations. How about calling Penn State College radio. This way in the future when there are more lists of college radio stations, an OPML file called College Radio or perhaps SlimPicks would link to your Penn State file as well as any other similar.

2. Avoid levels if they are not used - people don't like unnecessary mouse clicks. You could get rid of the College Radio level within your file - so that when people click on your file, they see the stations immediately. When the list grows to say 10-15 - then levels could be considered.

3. Put a word in the station title indicating the sort of station (e.g. News, Sports, Live football).

2006-07-15, 12:27
trying myself to load this.

where do i put the wikiradio plugin ?

i have tried c prog\slimserver\server\plugins

but it doesnt come up on the SB.

confess to not being the hotest computer operator !


2006-07-15, 12:35
The directory is right - it should be just one file called Wikiradio.pm

Then re-start slimserver and "Wiki Radio" should appear as a menu item on the web page or under the Internet radio menu on the SB.

2006-07-15, 12:38
i'm on sb3, windows xp, slim 6.2.2

do i need to upgrade to 6.3 or 6.5 ?


2006-07-15, 12:48
Use 6.3 (or a 6.3.1 nightly) as it is the latest released code- 6.5 is still under development.

2006-07-15, 13:01
6.3 does it nicely - thankyou bryan

the oplm thing looks a bit awesome

maybe if i ferret out the url's/mms i could contribute that way ?

not sure how to get a 6.3.1 nightly though !!


2006-07-15, 13:35
Don't worry about the OPML details - it's just a better way of organising URLs.

Nightlies can be found here.

WikiRadio is a first attempt at encouraging sharing info. Once the data is in OPML files then Wikiradio page may be change/evolve and still use the OPML files - nothing is lost. The hope is that in the future these OPML files would somehow become available over Squeezenetwork as well.