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Ian Leiman
2005-11-15, 02:58
Most of the postings here seem to concentrate on problems and issues, so I'll post a positive success story for a change.

I got my brand new Squeezbox 3 (wireless, black) delivered to my home yesterday. I had already prepared and tested my network and Slimserver, so everything was ready & waiting for the SB3.

All I had to do was to unpack the SB3, the remote and power supply. Connect the SB3 to mains, to my stereo, insert batteries to remote and get started. Wireless network setup took about 5 minutes, I just selected my network by it's SSID, chose IP-address by DHCP, entered my WPA-Personal password and the SB3 immediately found the network and updated it's firmware. After that I selected the slimserver which SB3 had found, & had immediate access to my Slimserver and was able to play my entire music collection right away.

The design & size of the new SB3 also fits into the style of our house well, which is important for my wife of course...

I have tried the SB3 in two locations in my house using the wireless network connection. On both locations the wireless signal is good and SB3 seems to operate without glitches. I have tested SB3 with two different stereo systems, a lower-end one into which I connect the SB3 with RCA analogue connectors, and another high-end system into which I connect by optical SPDIF. On both systems the sound quality is probably as good as it gets with MP3's. I also tested the SB3 headphone output with high-end headphones and the sound quality is OK. I'll need to do more lengthy listening sessions with different types of music using lossless enconded music to really find out the ultimate details about SB3 sound quality, but after a few hours of listening I am pretty happy with it.

I run the Slimserver on an old Compaq desktop PC that has a Pentium-2/300 MHz CPU, 256 MB SDR-133 DRAM, and the music collection on a 200 GB Samsung Spinpoint P120 hard disc, network connection is 100base-T Ethernet. The operating system is Ubuntu linux 5.20, and Slimserver version 6.2.1 2005-11-13 nightly. I have taken out all unnescessary parts of the that old PC, even removed the PSU fan, so that the box is dead silent. The only part making any noise would be the hard disc, which is a very slient model - hardly making any noise at all.

Setting up Slimserver to a Linux box wasn't trivial, but if you try hard enough it'll work. Installation to a Windows box is easy, and I did try that first. However, in the end I wanted a rock-solid 24/7 & dead-silent platform for the Slimserver, so Windows wasn't an option for me. I also liked the fact that the old PC found some useful purpose, since my wife was going to haul it garbage soon...

My current music colletion on Slimserver is about 80 Gigs, with 1576 albums, 16511 songs, 1891 artists. It is all mp3s with bitrates between 128 and 320 Mbps. A lot of it I have ripped myself, using LAME encoder at highest quality settings. I know some people would have issues using MP3 and would rather take the lossless route such as using FLAC. I have however done careful listening tests with high-end equipment, and discovered that it is very hard or often impossible to hear any actual difference between the original or well-ripped MP3.

I did consider setting up a Slimserver to a LinkSys NSLU2 or Buffalo Linkstation or some bigger NAS box, but I had too much doubt it would actually work.

I have a wireless 802.11g (54 Mbps) network in my house, implemented with a D-Link DI-624+ using WPA-Personal. Previously I have used it only with laptop PC's. There's also a wired 100 Mbit Ethernet network for connecting desktop-PC's and routers. Connection to Internet is behind a firewall router, that does NAT and DHCP server.
I have one high-end PC running Windows-XP, which I use for serious work & ripping CD's (among other things). The Slimserver PC has the music collection mounted as an SMB filesystem available over the network, so I can easily update the collection.

I did consider other competing solutions to SB3 + Slimserver, such as:
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) based systems:
- RokuSoundbridge + Twonkyvision
- Buffalo LinkTheather + Pcast server
- D-Link DSM-320 + Windows Media Connect (WMC)

Proprietary & stand-alone
- KISS media players + KissLink
- IMERGE Music servers
- ReQuest TERA and FUSION
- Philips Streamium
- Olive Musica and Sonata
- Hifidelio

None of these fulfilled my requirements in one way or another, but discussing this would be a long story...

2005-11-15, 03:22
Nice story. It's hard to remember as it was such a long time ago, but for me it was the same...unpack...plugin...it works..... For most it's the same, just we don't get to hear too much when it does :D

2005-11-15, 03:38
Nice story. It's hard to remember as it was such a long time ago, but for me it was the same...unpack...plugin...it works..... For most it's the same, just we don't get to hear too much when it does :D

Me to! Plug and play

2005-11-15, 06:24
Ian - nice. Thanks. Makes me want to call my mechanic - "oil change is working out great! Wheels are still aligned! Don't need any service whatsoever!"


It's easy to forget there are thousands of Squeezeboxen in the world and we usually only hear when there's a problem.

Patrick Dixon
2005-11-15, 06:28
... Wheels are still aligned! ...
.You been avoiding those 'tricky' kerbs then?

2005-11-15, 06:31
You been avoiding those 'tricky' kerbs then?

just have to take 'em real slow...