View Full Version : Streaming WMA files in non-slim cliients like Winamp and Windows Media Player.

2005-11-14, 20:32
I recently installed Slimserver 6.2 and tried playing WMA files streamed from the Slimserver6.2 in WinAMP/Windows Media Player. But the media is not played by the WinAMP/Windows Media Player. Do anyone face the same problem?

I have not installed LAME in the PC running slimserver. Is that the reason? Does Slimserver require LAME to be present in the PC to stream WMA files to non-slim clients like WinAMP/Windows Media Player?

2005-11-14, 21:26
I posted an answer to this in your other thread on the topic: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showpost.php?p=65230&postcount=3

Yes, it requires lame.