View Full Version : Firmware 28 - what's new?

2005-11-14, 03:56
Anybody know what Firmware 28 fixed in 6.2.1.

I just noticed the rev in the nightly I grabbed over the weekend, but can't find a mention of it in the forums.

When I searched bugzilla I got "Zarro Boogs found."

Christian Pernegger
2005-11-14, 04:33
> Anybody know what Firmware 28 fixed in 6.2.1.


is your friend. In this case:


"Firmware 28 fixes bug 2356 where the current song may not be updated
properly. Also fix 2533 where the wrong track will be displayed after
trying to play a song that can't be opened."

Same works for other files, very useful :)


2005-11-14, 09:18

I was aware of subversion but sometimes the display of recently changed components does not seem to make sense.

I wish bug 2169 got moved back to 6.2.1, it's possibly the most annoying thing I notice on a day to day basis.