View Full Version : Networking issue with Linksys WET54g bridge

Michael Amster
2005-11-13, 22:51
I have two SB's - an SBg and an SB2. I decided that I wanted my
wireless to be single mode-G rather than mixed mode to work on
stability. To do so, I hauled out an old WET54g bridge to work with my
WAP54g access point. I have another WET54g in another part of the house
feeding a small LAN in my home office and it works fine.

My settings and network is the following:

1. WAP54g running HyperWAP/1.0 with WEP128 and G-mode only. MAC
filtering on. Running on Channel 6.
2. WET54g in home office running Linksys 2.06 and connected to local
switch with 2-3 machines
3. WET54g in kitchen with SB1 connected on ethernet
4. SB2 in living room on wireless G
5. Linux server running SlimServer 6.2 on FC4

So, the problem is that the SB1 seems to knock the WET54g off the
network. I setup the SB1 to connect on ethernet. I can get the DHCP
address, but when it tries to contact my SlimServer, it drops the
wireless signal. This is reproducible each time I hold the power button
and cause a reset. Are there any thoughts about this? I could go back
to a mixed mode network and run the SB1 as wireless, but the signal
strength is only about 30% and I was hoping G-only would help with that
a bit (and some of the AP's flakiness about needing to be reset once a
week or so).