View Full Version : Internet radio streams dropping after a few seconds connected

2005-11-13, 14:55
After upgrading my server to 6.2.1 (from 5.4.1) I started getting internet radio stream failures constantly. A stream will play for a few seconds then die.

I do not know what debug flags to turn on to diagnose this but I guessed at a few and got some info that connections are getting closed.

This is not a client or router issue nor an ISP. I have been testing with SoftSqueeze to eliminate local network issues, and my 6mb highspped internet connection is not epxeriencing any issues.

I have looked through the FAQ and the forums and not seen anything that closely related.

I should also mention that I have just tried AlienBBC to handle WMA and these connections seem to function OK. Not knowing the ins and outs of media streaming I am guessing something wrong at the individual protocol layer.

Any ideas welcome.