View Full Version : Slimserver 6.2.0 won't play m4a

2005-11-13, 08:12

I've recently installed SS 6.2.0 (and subsequently 6.2.1). I've a number of albums ripped with iTunes to m4a format that will not play.

The album shows up on the list on the SB and each track in the album displays for about 1 second then moves on to the next.

Any ideas?

2005-11-13, 10:10
Do any of your m4a files play, or is it only certain ones? I am on 6.2b1 and haven't had any problem like that and most of my music is ripped in the same way as yours.

You haven't moved the music into another directory and not rescanned have you?

2005-11-13, 12:20
This is after a clean install of slimserver so it rescans all the files up front.

None of the files have been moved

2005-11-13, 15:31
Is quicktime or itunes installed on the slimserver machine? I believe this is required to do the decoding.

2005-11-14, 03:11
Cheers Tass that was it, had rebuilt the whole box and not re-installed itunes.