View Full Version : Squeezebox2, 6.2 f/w - screensaver?

2005-11-13, 02:16

I posted this question on the Linux/Unix forum but I guess it could be more widespread if it's a firmware issue with my setup.

Anyway, I dpn't seem to be able to get any powered-off screensaver to work. All I get is a black screen. Anyonehad anything similar after a 6.1.1->6.20. upgrade?

Thanks, JoshM

2005-11-13, 02:22
Worth checking your brightness setting in "off" mode - as you've had to press brightness to accept the firmware update, you may easily have inadvertently changed the birghtness setting for "off" (which is separate from the brightness setting for "on"). Have you tried, while its off, pressing brightness a couple of times?


2005-11-13, 03:18
Mon dieu! You are spot on. Thank you very much for a speedy response, you have saved me a lot of head-scratching!

Russell Mulcahy
2005-11-13, 13:14
Hi, all. I am having real problems with my SB2 rebooting (after 2 t 20
songs) and then failing to find the slimserver. If I try "right" to
retry, it stall can't find it. If I try "left" and reset up the network,
it finds the server first time and is off.

No idea why it is rebooting but (in any case) what is different between
the reboot sequence that fails and the network set-up?