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Ralph Edington
2005-02-12, 12:13
No problem here.

FYI One other small gotcha for alpha testers: "rolling back" from 2-12 v6 nightly to 2-12 v5.4.1 nightly gives following error:

Undefined subroutine &Plugins::MusicMagic::Plugin::getFunctions called at /PerlApp/Slim/Buttons/Plugins.pm line 338, <DATA> line 1.

I can clean this up myself -- I already did it -- just thought you should know.


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> * Ralph Edington shaped the electrons to say...
> >I think I'll go take two 5.4.1's and call you in the morning...
> I'm sorry Ralph - but we just did a large merge from the import
> branch last
> night, and there were a bunch of additional changes as well.
> It's best for 6.0 if you are in sync with Subversion right now.
> -D
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