View Full Version : undo mp3gain tags - how?

2005-11-12, 15:03
I've understood that MP3gain volume levelling can be undone by removing the tags, but can anybody tell me how to do this exactly?
I have noticed the 'remove tags' option in the program, but when removing the tags the track does not seem to be restored to the original level.
When re-doing the MP3gain operation, I see that the starting level of the tracks still is the MP3gain level (I use 88 for this), and not the original cd leven (sometimes > 94).
So probably I'm overlooking something?

Your help will be appreciated very much


2005-11-12, 15:34
Oops. Don't remove the tags first - they contain the undo information.

You'll want to undo the gain, then remove the tags.

2005-11-12, 15:44
Well THAT explains a lot, haha!

Thanks! I needed that!

2005-11-13, 11:33
Use the undo function in MP3gain ( /u switch in Windows). This has a very interresting side effect: The gain adjustment in the file will be undone and the replay gain tags will be updated and can still be used! If you had a tag with -0.5dB after treating the file with MP3gain, you will have something like -8.5dB after running MP3gain with the /u switch.