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Ralph Edington
2005-02-12, 12:08
> Now add the line to SQLite/dbdrop.sql
> DROP TABLE dirlist_track;
> I'll have a checkin shortly.
> -D
> --

This isn't making sense to me. My dbdrop.sql now looks like:

DROP TABLE metainformation;

DROP TABLE tracks;

DROP TABLE playlist_track;

DROP TABLE albums;

DROP TABLE contributors;

DROP TABLE contributor_track;

DROP TABLE genres;

DROP TABLE genre_track;

DROP TABLE comments;

DROP TABLE dirlist_track;

BUT I'm still seeing this on an attempted restart:

"The following information is part of the event: DBD::SQLite::db do failed: table dirlist_track already exists(1) at dbdimp.c line 263 at /PerlApp/Slim/DataStores/DBI/DataModel.pm line 67, <$fh> line 158.

I think I'll go take two 5.4.1's and call you in the morning...