View Full Version : Sound drop-outs, performance issues with 6.2

2005-11-11, 18:56
When my Slimserver runs, it often times stops producing any audio and/or emits odd sounds while a song is playing (sounds like water droplets).

When the audio stops, the progress bar in the web interface continues to move, and when the audio resumes, the song has progressed past the point where the audio stopped. So it appears that Slimserver is still processing the song, but it stops producing any output.

I also notice that at times the slimserver process is consuming as much as 99% of the CPU!

I'm running a pretty recent build of Slimserver (v2005-11-06)on a Dell Dimension with a Squeezebox1 and iTunes. I've been using this set up for a few years. A similar problem happened about a year ago, but by upgrading to a new version of SlimServer it went away. It seems that when i moved to this version of Slimserver a similar but different problem has emerged.

I've got my iTunes reload interval set to 1200 so it should not be "chasing" song if I change them in iTunes while its playing. This issue happens while iTunes is shut down, too, so i don't think that's it.

any ideas?