View Full Version : Querying Alarm Time & Status

2005-11-11, 10:57

I use the alarm function of the Slimp3 as my morning wake up. Because the Slimp3 is hooked up to an amp I needed a way to turn the amp on at the time the alarm is due. My current solution uses a script in HomeSeer to query the Slimp3 every hour to check the alarm status and time and then if appropriate it sets an event to turn on the amp and set the volume (both via IR).

This set up has worked well, but hinges on the script scraping the html of the alarm page to find time, status etc. Typically this kludge breaks with each new server release as the alarm page gets slightly modified. Things are no different with 6.2 but rather than kludging it again I'm looking for a proper solution -
especially with the daily alarm function.

So, the route that I originally went down was querying status, but I cant find the names of the playerprefs (if they exist) which will get this to work. I was expecting:

Or similar to work, but unable to find anything in the docs I have tried many combinations of alarmxxx as the playerpref and been unsuccessful.

So, are there command line/web status codes for the alarm settings?

Any help much appreciated.