View Full Version : SB2 - unable to connect to wireless

2005-11-11, 09:24
I have two wireless SB2. One works fine, connecting to my home wireless network (Cisco AP340 802.11b access point). 128bit WEP.

Bought a second SB2. Set it up exactly the same, but it is unable to connect to the wireless. Well, it has once or twice, but not 90% of the time. Both are running firmware 26. Have tried on my work's wireless lan (hardware unknown) and again, it connects once or twice, but mostly not! That was with no WEP.

Tried factory resets galore and the "1" on the splashscreen to reprogamme the xilinx chip.

Any known problems that would cause this or do I have a dud unit? Nothing sounds loose inside. The wired side works fine.

I really don't want to have to send it back because I wanted the SB2 rather than SB3 (fits in my hi fi stack better). However, I don't want to hang on to this too long if it is faulty to avoid hassles with the vendor. (I'm in the UK).