View Full Version : Slimserver 6.2 can not find SliMP3 after restart

2005-11-09, 12:22
When I reboot my computer (or stop and start slimserver) it can not find my SliMP3 player. I have to temporarily remove the power from the player to get it working again.
The problem was introduced when updating to 6.2. The previous version (6.1??) worked OK.

Any tips or debug flags I can use to solve this problem?

Slimserver 6.2 on AMD XP2600, 512MB, running XP latest updates.
SliMP3 running firmware 2.3
LAN connection running via 10/100Mb switch
DHCP enabled, automatically find slimserver. Entering everything manually (IP and server IP) gives the same result.

Any help is much appreciated.


It seems the probem only occurs when slimserver page opens in my default browser. (which is Maxthon, tabbed browsing using the iexplorer engine)
Opening the url in internet explorer does find the player and it immediately shows up in Maxthon then as well.
I'm puzzled.

2005-11-13, 13:10
It seems when manually stopping and starting the server the player would be found after 15-45s regardless of the browser being used. By confimring the player was not found in Maxthon and then trying IE I got the false impression that IE 'fixed' the problem.

After restarting the server PC the only remedy seems to be to power cycle my Slimp3 player.

Any clues why SS loses my player after a reboot? I can ping the player but SS does not find it.

2005-11-14, 12:59
OK, problem solved.
My TrendMicro personal firewall suddenly decided to block network traffic coming from the slimp3 player.
Don't know if it was an automatic update or just a confused user. What counts is that it is solved now.

2005-11-14, 15:07
Probably a confused user :-).

Software firewalls block traffic from programs unless authorized by you. You authorized slimserver once no doubt, but when you install a new version, the firewall picks up on that and considers the program "new"......thus requiring you to authorize the program again (yes, it is the same program name, but not the same create date, or file size).