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Neil Sleightholm
2005-11-09, 11:36
This makes for interesting reading: http://www.sysinternals.com/Blog/


2005-11-09, 12:53
Finally got your kitchen sink unblocked I see !! Where have you been the last 10 days? :P

The thing I find the most amusing is the old saying "All publicity is good publicity"....well is it for Van "Who?" Zant ?

I don't know....I've never listened to them but it's worth looking at this bands Amazon.com reviews before the whole event unfolded, how many people cared positively or negatively about them.....and then just how many "owners" the CD has finally found who've had their review to give. At least it reflects something positive about Amazon.com, where they respect you have the right to review a product and use up their bandwith/diskspace without havig to buy it from them.


What this does for the band I won't know...could there be a certain sympathy element? Can they sue their record company for lost sales? Would they have had any sales anyway?

I'm almost tempted to download......

Neil Sleightholm
2005-11-09, 15:06
Finally got your kitchen sink unblocked I see !! Where have you been the last 10 days?Wot! Are you thinking of someone else.

2005-11-09, 15:38
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2005-11-10, 19:16
Let the suits begin: