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2005-11-08, 20:20
Hi there,

I'm probably about to buy a SB3, and I'm excited about it. I have a few questions.

My wife uses a windows laptop. I use a linux laptop. We have some music on each of the laptops and an external hard-drive with more music. We also have a wireless router. The problem is we don't have a dedicated music server: i.e. one computer that is always on and that is always connected to the external hd.

The thing I'm worried about is if we switch who is serving up the music we will constantly have to re-setup the SB3. It's not clear to me how envolved that will be.

It's also not clear to me if I use SlimServer from my linux laptop (which won't run iTunes, right?) how it works when I attach the external HD. Do I have to rescan all the time? Is that going to take forever? (200GB of music)

Similar question on the windows side. If my wife is listening to music on her laptop, and then decides to plug in the external HD, is she going to have to rescan? I guess not if she runs iTunes or something.

Anyways, I'd appreciate advice both on if this product is going to be a good buy for our computing situation, and advice on how to best setup the system. I guess this is a fairly common situation for young couples (2 laptops, external HD, no dedicated music server).

Thanks in advance... I'm a big supporter of open software and I'm very impressed by how professional this all looks. I also like the crazy remotes

2005-11-09, 01:03
Hello there... my guess would be that you could certainly make this setup work, but that after not very long you would be finding it enough of a pain that you will be looking out for a small cheap PC to stick in the corner to run as a server.

First, switching the SB3 to connect to a different slimserver is not hard, you just need to pick up the remote and push a few buttons to go back through the configuration. It might take a minute. That won't seem long, but when you're doing it for the 500th time and you just want to listen to some music, you might find it annoying.

Similarly at the server end. Its not hard to install and setup slimserver on each machine (and you'll only do it once for each). If you are enabling your laptop as the server, having just grabbed the external disk, you'll just plug in and mount the disk, and then start slimserver. Takes a minute.

There is another possible source of pain, depending on how much you like fiddling with things. If you start to find some of the really cool plugins, and start to play around with many of the user configuration options, are you really going to want to keep two separate setups in sync?

As for the database, you'll just need to make sure that you rescan on both slimservers after you've updated the library, not necessarily each time you start up the slimserver, so just a minor pain.

Hope this helps! Other opinions may vary, of course...