View Full Version : Wanted: Suggestion for SlimServer Setup

2005-11-08, 18:42
First off I am totally Unix Blind. My friend has helped me to successfully convert my Buffalo LanStation 250GB LAN HDD running SlimServer 6.1X.

The LANStation is connected via 100Mbps FE and so is the Squeezebox2. I have so far dumped 2,200 FLAC songs into the LANStation, the result is satisfactory but response from the SB2 is laggy and even slower with a Browser.

I have tried running SlimServer with an old Thinkpad X20 and a T30 laptop and the performance is much better, especailly with re-scanning. However, the laptop is connected wirelessly with WiFi (802.11G) and storage is limited to about 100GB.

My question is, is it feasible (performance wise)to run the SlimServer from a 802.11G or worse, 802.11Blaptop and accessing the music from the LANStation via the LAN? Will the performance be better then running directly off the LANStation with FE and slow CPU?


250GB ------FE------SB2

I am UNIX blind and is much more comfortable with the Windows. If anyone has tried running it this way I would be interested in your experience.