View Full Version : SlimServer hangs and then causes mutiple web pages to load

2005-11-07, 14:53

I'm using SlimServer 6.2 on a WinXP machine connected to a SB1. After upgrading to SS 6.2 I'm noticing some problems, where SlimServer after running correctly for a while, just freezes up.

The SlimServer webpage won't finish loading, and if I close the browser window, it won't let me do that either. When I try closing the browser window, it also causes Explorer to open 50-60-70 new browser windows which are all trying to load at the same time. The Close command on the taskbar doesn't work and the Task Manager won't start to allow me to interrupt the iexplore process.

I have scanned my computer for viruses and spyware, so I don't think this is the problem. Is there something different in the new SlimServer version that would make it freeze up like this? Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks for your help!


2005-11-07, 16:27
I'm actually having a similar issue on WinXP SP2. Since upgrading to 6.2 the slimsever seems to struggle starting the next track in the playlist. If you actually look at the server while it is doing this, the delay is occuring when the server tries to load the new wepage to change the track that is being played. If you try and do anything to the interface while it is loading the new page the whole webinterface will hang. You generally get 3-20 seconds gap between tracks - which is not ideal when playing continuous mixes!

I tried removing the slimserver software, deleting the slimserver directory and then reinstalling. This fixed the issue for about 24hrs and now it is back again.

I'm concidering reverting back to 6.1.1 - does anyone have anybetter ideas?