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Ivan Fritz, AIS
2005-02-11, 13:04
Hi Vince,

Thanks. That is exactly our configuration, we have all bidirectional
panels, both wired and wireless so life is good. :)


On 2/11/05 11:40 AM, "Vince" <mailing (AT) vincen (DOT) org> wrote:

> Hi Ivan,
> It works directly through TCP/IP connection from your netlinx master !
> I'm one of the tester Jeff talked about :) All you need is your wired
> panel or a bidirectionnal wireless panel, a netlinx master and your
> SlimServer and network connection between them :)
> Hope it helps you
> Vincèn
> Le 11 févr. 05, à 19:31, Ivan Fritz, AIS a écrit :
>> Hi Jeff.
>> We would be implementing this in about a month so I can wait for
>> the
>> release. Does it work over TCP/IP or do you need an ethernet to
>> serial box
>> like this: http://neteon.net/cat.asp?c=13 ?
>> Do you have any preliminary documentation that I could look at?
>> Thanks again,
>> -Ivan
>> On 2/11/05 8:11 AM, "Jeff Coffler" <jeff-list-slimdev (AT) taltos (DOT) com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Ivan,
>>>> We are using NetLinx for sure. I'm very happy to hear about your
>>>> project! Do you know when it might be released?
>>> Not sure yet; probably within a month. You'll need to run a v5.4.1
>>> nightly
>>> build, since it's the only version with the CLI patches today that the
>>> NetLinx module needs for browsing.
>>> If you're ready to go and start actively working on this, and it's not
>>> released yet, then ping me, and I'll get you something. At this
>>> point, I'm
>>> adding some final features (mostly minor or cosmetic), then we need
>>> to test
>>> everything, fix up the docs, and get some sample panels together for
>>> the
>>> MVP-8400 and VPN-CP (and perhaps a few others).
>>> You need two-way panels for this to work effectively. Otherwise, you
>>> can't
>>> browse on-touchpanel and you don't get useful feedback.
>>> -- Jeff