View Full Version : Browse by music folder using the remote - cellphone searching?

2005-11-06, 22:42
I'm not getting results I expect when browsing using the remote, mainly when browing by music folder

For example when I hit "6" once, I get a folder starting with "L", not "M" as I would expect. This happens evey time, the same "L" folder comes up when I repeat the procedure. it's not the first L folder, but one down the list. Hitting "5" three times does give me the first "L" folder as expected.

Playing around with it it's not entierly consistent. It seems to work a little more correctly when searching by artist, but occasionally I get a random result even in that mode.

- Is there someething I haven't read about this that would explain it?
- Is it just me? (and if so, what might I do to resolve? full rescan?)
- Known issue? Anything I can do other than perl coding to assist? I'm going now to look at the bug DB.