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Graham Lacey
2005-11-06, 19:51
I was advised that Apple Music store downloads will not play to a
squeezebox. This is true. I tried several times. But you can always
burn a CD and rip it back to iTunes. That will transmit. Tedious, but
will realize the full potential of a SB.

2005-11-06, 22:59
Tedious, but
will realize the full potential of a SB.

You're right.

Well, the "Tedious" bit was anyway :D

It's OK, your new and it must be an even nicer suprise to learn just how much better your SB experience could become.

Utilising just a fraction of your SB2's audio quality, wasting blank CD's and double-time writing and reading a CD, not too mention never actually owning any physical music is not the sort of thing I'd even wish on someone who bought Roku!

The best work around for the Apple store is http://www.amazon.com & http://flac.sourceforge.net - not forgetting http://www.exactaudiocopy.de too.

Mike Anderson
2005-11-06, 23:12
Google jhymn

2005-11-07, 00:33
Google jhymn

Doesn't work on Tiger yet.

An alternative (costs money, but can be tried free) is Nicecast. This would let you play the music in iTunes and broadcast it to your SB.

2005-11-07, 02:11
Doesn't work on Tiger yet.

JHymn works on Tiger - it doesn't work with iTunes 6. You can still use JHymn on purchases made using iTunes 5 and older provided you haven't bought anything using iTunes 6.

Currently the only options for iTunes 6 purchases is burning to CD and ripping again.

If you have already bought something using iTunes 6 and want to use JHymn, you can set up a new iTunes account and only use iTunes 5 or older to buy music.

2005-11-07, 09:53
Thanks for the correction, which was needed.