View Full Version : WL-HDD NAS

Jono FS
2005-11-06, 11:30
Has anybody managed to get a successful slimserver installation on an
Asus WL-HDD device?
I have just ordered one of these and intend to use it to store all my
music and photo's on. I have the intention of running the slimserver on
my linux box but was wondering whether slimserver on the NAS would be
There is a modified firmware called OLEGS firmware available(search
around) which allows many extras such as a PHP webserver and OpenSSH to
be run on the NAS but I do not know how to get a perl installation onto
such a device. This is required to run slimserver. Any ideas where I
could get one?
Has anyone tried this?

2005-11-06, 12:33
I have one and I doubt if it has the power to run slimserver. I have it running twonkyvision and it is a bit slow - I suspect a Perl app would grind. I suggest to try an older and smaller version of slimserver without a db.

The internal processor is a Broadcom one using a MIPS processor so look for Perl on MIPS - I'm not sure of the kernel rev or the libc version.