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2005-11-06, 09:48
I hope this is OK to put on here with everyone at slimdevices, if not, I apologise and please remove it.

With all of the threads on here about problems with slimserver I decided to build a completely configured, ready to go music server, here is a bit more about it:

This system needs no keyboard, mouse or monitor. Simply plug it in, plug in your wireless streamer and its all ready to go.

To copy your CD's onto the server, simply put the disk in the drive. It will then access a local database, encode your CD and eject it when it is finished. No user input required.

Out of the box support for any of the wireless players currently available.

The system is totally secure and does not need an internet connection so it is safe from hackers.

It has crash recovery software as standard, should any of the software crash, it will auto-reload within 60 seconds.

As standard it comes with a 200Gb hard disk, but this can be upgraded on order. It can also be set to convert to MP3 or FLAC, depending on your preference.

Obviously it does not come with internet radio setup as it is designed not to access the internet at all for security, but should you already have a wireless network, I can configure it to attach to that instead.

The price also includes a wireless access point, again pre-configured, so it is just a matter of plugging it in.

The local CD database is updated monthly and auto-update CD's will be sent out every month for a yearly subscription (to cover CD and postage costs only)

At the moment this is only available in the UK as postage would cost to much abroad, but I can look into it if required.

The computers are quite large, but very quiet and designed to be placed out of the way. I am investigating smaller computers later this week.

As this is still in final testing, I don't see there being any problems, but am going to sell the first 5 at a reduced price on this forum. All I ask is that if you find any problems you let me know so I can sort them out. I have been testing it for a few weeks and the only thing so far has been a couple of CD's not recognised which I am fixing as we speak.

The price for these first 5 is 175+postage which includes the 200Gb hard disk and wireless access point.

Each will take about 7 days to build as I test thorougly before shipping to be certain they work perfectly.

Edited to add: Each comes with a 1 year return to base warranty (providing you don't mess with it!)

Any questions, just ask

andrew @ audiofi.co.uk

Bruce Hartley
2005-11-06, 10:04
so does it use slim server, or something else?

2005-11-06, 10:06
It uses slimserver 6.2.1, I have tested it using my SB2 and it has worked everytime without problems.


2005-11-06, 10:18
> It uses slimserver 6.2.1, I have tested it using my SB2 and it has
> worked everytime without problems.

A few more question (out of interest, I'm far from buying one ;-)):

- can updates, plugins, skin changes be applied?
- is there a way to transfer existing files?
- assuming it's a linux box, is there some "hacking" possible? Or is it
only intended for the technophobe?




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2005-11-06, 10:29
Skins can be changed if you used the web interface from another computer on the network.

Plugins can be installed as part of the build, they could technically be added, but it could effect reliability and would void the 1 year warranty.

If you have existing files, let me know on order and I'll setup the networking side so you can transfer them across using the crossover cable (I'll include instructions)

It actually runs Windows NT 4.0, so no hacking possible.

It is intended primarilly for a technophobe as it is easier to use than a standard DVD player, but with all of the problems people have been having on here, it seemed it could have another use.


2005-11-06, 14:31
So does that 175 include the NT4 license?

I would guess that it does not - otherwise you'd be selling these at a loss. NT4 doesn't seem like the best choice for a new product in 2005. I understand how reliable it is etc but it isn't supported by MS anymore (so no new security patches etc) and last time I checked, you couldn't buy it either.

Wouldn't GNU/Linux be a better choice for this kind of thing?

Don't get me wrong - I think this is a great idea that lots of people have been waiting for. But your choice of OS isn't going to help your business model.

2005-11-06, 14:37
Yes, it includes the license in the price, the computers I buy include the license (they are ex-corporate PC's)

NT was chosen for reliability and as there isn't any internet connection security patches aren't needed.

I had considered Linux, but finding software to work automatically was difficult and I also had to write some special programs for the automatic crash recovery and a few other problems associated with running a headless machine.

I may look into Unix in the future, but as I buy PC's with Windows licenses included it seemed the better choice for now.


2005-11-06, 15:06
audiofi wrote:

>Yes, it includes the license in the price, the computers I buy include
>the license (they are ex-corporate PC's)
You're on very shaky ground there:

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2005-11-06, 15:13
The company I use for the PC's checks that the businesses they get them from have bought full licenses rather than upgrades.

I know the company where the first batch have come from and all of the old PC's with NT licenses have been scrapped and replaced by new PC's with full Windows XP licenses so the full NT license stays with the same PC.

As far as I'm aware this is fully within Microsoft's rules and otherwise I don't think the large company I get the PC's from would sell with licenses.


2005-11-07, 06:47
So the computers aren't brand new then and you are just offering 12 months support warranty?

Progressive Consumer Electronics Ltd

2005-11-07, 06:59
Thats right, although the 200Gb data disks will be brand new for added reliability.

The 12 month warranty supports the hardware and software.

I could look into new computers as it is the software rather than the hardware which is specialised. It would mean quite a large price increase though.


p.s. I have contacted Microsoft about the licensing and as long as I provide the original OEM COA (which I will) it is all fine.

2005-11-07, 08:24
One other thing I can do if there is interest would be if you already have a server with large hard disk running any version of Windows, I can install and configure the software to run without needing any user input.

If this is of interest to anyone, let me know


2005-11-07, 10:29
Also for those after an attractive solution for the living room, I can transfer the whole lot into a Silverstone SST-LC03 or SST-LC10

For 325+postage (basically at cost)