View Full Version : Donīt find wireless network from Linksys SRX router to SB1?

2005-11-06, 07:14
I have Slimserver vers 6.2.
A SB2 connected wired to Linksys router SRX. Works perfect.

A SB1 connected wireless to the same router which canīt find wireless network.

I get the following current settings:
- Wireless IP adress
- Wireless Subnet mask
- Wireless gateway
- Slimserver IP
- Wireless Mac adress
- firmware vers 40

My question is: What reason could it be that SB1 donīt find wireless network. Could it be that Linksys router does not match this SB1 or ......

Please advise.

Kind Regards
Tore Johnsson

Bruce Hartley
2005-11-06, 11:04
If the access point is set to 802.11G only, then the SB1 won't see it.

The SB2 has 802.11G but the SB1 has only 802.11B.

Or perhaps it's the security.

i think SB2 does WPA, but the SB1 doesn't.