View Full Version : RE: DHCP/Slimserver overload - needs change to firmware.

Chris Mason
2005-02-11, 03:53
> I thought you had three problems/concerns:
> 1) Your networking gear's built-in DHCP server hung when all your SBs
> came online at once. Resolution: have a Linux server
> issue DHCP leases.

Correct. I have solved it by using a Dual Xeon server for DHCP but I think
that the firmware should handle the DHCP allocation delay better. This is
the root of the problem.

> 2) Once the DHCP hang was resolved, you've run into trouble
> with all your
> SB units trying to connect to SlimServer at the same
> time. The SB units
> are obtaining leases correctly, but hanging when they try
> to connect
> (via autolocation UDP broadcasts?) to SlimServer.
> Resolution: none so far.

Correct. The solution is to hard code the Slimserver IP, but I have had
problems with that in the past and I am reticent to do that.

> 3) Would like mechanism for rebooting a player without
> removing power to
> it. Resolution: hold the remote's Power button to force a reboot.
Doesn't work. I confirmed that yesterday on a unit that was displaying the
dreaded "Waiting for DHCP server" message. I could hold it the power button
all day, the unit had crashed and was not responsive. I don't believe it is
correct for the unit to crash for the lack of an IP.

> Is that not correct? Was the hanging just DHCP hanging?
> You're suggesting that
> Slim modify its DHCP client code so that the SB units work
> better with gear
> that can't handle ~20 simultaneous DHCP lease requests?


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