View Full Version : Missing titles?

2005-11-06, 02:16
Hi. Can anyone please tell me why Windows Explorer and WMP10 are both reporting 4,600 titles, yet my Slimserver only sees 4,200? I've performed two complete re-scans now, but the symptoms remain the same. It's difficult to tell, but I can't see anything obvious missing -certainly not 1 in 10.

Thanks in advance.

2005-11-06, 09:04
Lots of people have had issues of the kind you describe - and sometimes the reason is slimserver. I'd say upgrade to the latest version except that my own experiece is that i had the least problematic experience a couple of versions back. However, buggy stuff apart, its entirely possible that your variations are to do with the way slimserver handles "various artists" and compilations (loads of posts on this if you hunt) - you might find there are more albums under "various artists" than you expect and its just a question of how slimserver totals them compared to other programs.