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Ivan Fritz, AIS
2005-02-10, 22:05
Hi Jeff,

We are using NetLinx for sure. I'm very happy to hear about your
project! Do you know when it might be released?



On 2/10/05 8:09 PM, "Jeff Coffler" <jeff-list-slimdev (AT) taltos (DOT) com> wrote:

> Hi Ivan,
>> I am working on a large AV system for a clients house, and I am looking
>> at creating an estate music server using an Apple xserve with iTunes and
>> the
>> squeezebox for clients. The players would be controlled via an AMX system
>> :
>> http://www.amx.com/home.asp (a home automation system). My problem is AMX
>> likes to use RS232 to control devices, and the squeezebox doesn't seem to
>> have a way to do RS232.
>> Does anyone know if this has been done? I'm wondering how hard it
>> would be to do RS232 over TCP/IP....
>> Any help would be appreciated...
> I presume you were planning to use an AMX Axcent 3 as the controller?
> If you picked up an AMX NetLinx controller (using the AMX controller as a
> slave device), then you get some huge advantages:
> 1) Dramatically better performance (the NetLinx controllers have MUCH faster
> processors),
> 2) Ethernet is built into the AMX NetLinx line of controllers, and
> 3) I'm working on a NetLinx module to control the Slim Servers. It's being
> run by several people now, nearly complete and ready for release (it'll be
> released open source), and basically allows you to put the Squeezeboxes in a
> cabinet; they can be completely controlled via two-way panels.
> For the cost of a NetLinx controller, this makes the most sense by far ...
> -- Jeff

Jeff Coffler
2005-02-11, 09:11
Hi Ivan,

> We are using NetLinx for sure. I'm very happy to hear about your
> project! Do you know when it might be released?

Not sure yet; probably within a month. You'll need to run a v5.4.1 nightly
build, since it's the only version with the CLI patches today that the
NetLinx module needs for browsing.

If you're ready to go and start actively working on this, and it's not
released yet, then ping me, and I'll get you something. At this point, I'm
adding some final features (mostly minor or cosmetic), then we need to test
everything, fix up the docs, and get some sample panels together for the
MVP-8400 and VPN-CP (and perhaps a few others).

You need two-way panels for this to work effectively. Otherwise, you can't
browse on-touchpanel and you don't get useful feedback.

-- Jeff