View Full Version : One artist on Slimserver is always capitalized

2005-11-05, 08:04
My artist listing for Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young is capitalized in Slim Server. I used MP3Tag to check the artist tag for both of my CSNY albums and neither one is capitalized. I don't understand why Slim Server is doing this. Any suggestions?

2005-11-05, 15:28
1st off I have no knowledge of the database behind Slim Server - However I have been using other databases for many years and I could explain this in other packages.

If you previously had one capitalized entry and changed it, if the database query that looks for changed tags is NOT case sensitive it would scan the tag of the changed, correct files and compare against the value in the database - if it isn't case sensitive in its matching then it will say "Nope, no change" and do nothing.

So try this - change the tags on all the tracks to something totally different "CSNY" for example - re-scan. See if it has changed. If it has then change it back to what you want, then re-scan.

Hope that helps!