View Full Version : SB3s arrived today...

2005-11-05, 00:27
I just got done setting up and testing my new SB3s. I decided to take advantage of the 100 off 2 deal to replace the SB2 in my bedroom and SB1 in my home theater.

I love the new style and I'm happy with my purchase just for that. The size is smaller but it has a much larger front surface. It makes the display actually seem smaller. Other than wireless signal, the performance seems identical to SB2 as expected.

I can't tell if it's heavier, but it seems to sit more firmly. The weight of the cables is no longer enough to drag the SB to the back of the shelf.

In my chosen locations SB1 and SB2 both had generally better wireless signal strength, 70%ish vs 50%ish of the SB3. I haven't had any audible network hiccups yet. So the dual internal antena is more of a cosmetic upgrade.

Like I say, I love the SB3 and recomend it for anyone who wants the sexiest gadget. I'd still recomend the wired SB1 using fixed digital out to your receiver, and the SB2 if you want wireless and/or feed your amp directly.