View Full Version : Wrong track info displayed

2005-11-04, 15:53
OK, had my SB2 for 2 weeks now (so glad I got it when I did, not that the SB3 is bad, but I saved 50!) and all is fine(ish)

I love what it can do and even my wife is impressed with AlienBBC, but several times now the track displayed as playing has lagged behind the actual track being played.

I'm using the latest software (official release) and firmware, music is nearly all Ogg Vorbis, the "Now Playing" list has been generated at the server side when this happens. SB2 is wired to router, which connects wirelessly to the PC.

Any ideas folks?



Craig, James (IT)
2005-11-07, 04:04
There is a bug open for this.


Any comments appreciated as it's not clear what causes this.


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