View Full Version : SB1 Random Reboots

2005-11-04, 08:12
I've been happily using the SB1 for about 6 months with no problems. Lately, I've started experiencing a strange issue where the squeezebox unit seems to reboot itself...blank screen, reconnect to wireless network, restart current song from the beginning. The situation is somewhat random, but I've tried to narrow down the causes. The wireless router lights seem ok when this is happening, and I'm not seeing any problems with the slimserver 6.2. No messages in the Event Log. It just seems like the SB1 is losing its brain and rebooting itself. Unfortunately, its bad enough now that it will happen every 5 minutes or so.

Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any similar threads in this forum? Help!!

Dan Goodinson
2005-11-04, 08:38
Sounds very much like wireless interference. Possibly a neighbour has
recently setup a WLAN, or has maybe recently bought a 2.4GHz cordless

Try changing your WLAN channel on your router, and see if the problem
becomes less frequent. I had a similar problem on my SB1, but after
changing WLAN channel, it all but stopped...


2005-11-05, 11:56
So glad it was that easy. Guess everyone leaves the default channel when they first get their WLAN going.