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Joachim Dagerot
2005-02-10, 07:24
Woaw, another great world opened up... Gaah, soo much feature to implement, so little time....

Thanks alot for your help. I just installed the xpl Manager on my windows machine and enabled the xpl on the freeBSD running slimserver.

According to the steByStep I'm following my slimserver should appear under the "devices" thread which ofcourse aint happening. I guess I need som xpl management/hub/software of some kind running on the freeBSD box aswell.

Gotta get my kid from school now, but will continue looking in to this during the evening.

Once again,
thanks for the help, by the way - are you aware of a slideshow program that listens to xPl commands?

On 2005-02-10 Werner Lane wrote:

I'm doing a similar thing: controlling Misterhouse home automation
>software (http://w3.misterhouse.net:81/) on a Linux machine (which is
>seperate from the server running SlimServer) via a remote control and my
>It is dead easy: I use the "raw" feature of SlimServers xPL support. See
> http://www.xplproject.org.uk/ for info about the xPL protocol.
>To enable xPL support in SlimServer go into Server Settings -> Network.
>It is located at the end of the network settings page.
>Note however that you can't just use "any" remote control. As far as I
>understand, SLIMP3 only understands "NEC" IR codes. For me that is not
>an issue as I use a Philips Pronto programmable remote control.
>For the home automation I use NEC codes that are way outside the code
>range that SLIMP3 uses, e.g. "0000FFA0" ...
>hope this helps, Werner
>Joachim Dagerot wrote:
>> Instead of asking a specific question and then finding out that I asked something I never wondered about I will describe my idea:
>> My goal is to be able to use the DigiFrame as a nice graphic unit controlling my house and wife but using the IR-reciever on the slimp3 device.
>> First the system:
>> 1 FreeBSD server located in room 0
>> 1 slimp3 connected to a freeBSD box located in room 1
>> 1 box running freeSBIE assembled in a frame functioning as a digital picture frame locate din room 2
>> My idea is to control the DigiFrame in room 2 via the slimp3 device in room 1.
>> What would the best way to do this be?
>> Preferrable should all non-used RC signals be going transparent directly to the DigiFrame box in some way, because it's more likely that I need a new button etc on that device than on the slimp3.
>> Consider this as start of a discussion, there might be even better ideas.