View Full Version : SB3 arrived today....

2005-11-03, 17:26
I had an SB2 already, so I knew what to expect. Thoughts as I opened it:

"That's a little bigger than I thought it would be." (the size is fine, but I was just a shade surprised.)

"Heh, it still kind of looks like a clock radio... a better one, but it's still got that radio thing going."

"Wow, that display is HUGE, I thought it wasn't any different?" (the smoked window is about twice the height of the actual display, which is vertically centered. It looks very nice.)

"Oops, the remote's white. Still cheap, too. Glad I have the MX-800." (a universal remote)

After hooking it up,

"Very nice. Aw, no 3, it's just Squeezebox now."

"Darn it, why did I have to choose such a ridiculously long passphrase?"

(long, long pause :) )

"Cool, sounds great, not that I expected any less."

After setting up the sync...

"Holy crap, the sync is perfect! It sounds like it's all the same speaker system. Cool!"

"I think I'll go post something to let people know it's really out."

So yes, they really exist, and at least one unit is in hands completely unaffiliated with Slim Devices... beyond giving them money, at least.

As you probably already knew, you can recommend these without fear.