View Full Version : Can someone once and for all clarify how to get multiple CDsto appear as one album?

Avi Schwartz
2005-11-02, 12:49
Since 6.2 many, including me, are having problem getting multiple CDs to
appear as one album.

Important, I am using FLAC in case it matter which tags to use.

Can someone please clarify

1) Is there a certain directory structure that needs to be adhered to?
I am using /artist/album/tracks where in the case of multiple CDs it
looks like:



2) What tagging should be used? In the past DISC=n was all that was
needed. Now it is not working. I tried to set DISCC together with DISC
and also DISCNUMBER. No luck.

All CDs in the same set have the same name.

3) For compilations, should I use the TCMP tag even for FLAC? What
value should this tag have?

Where are all the tags used by slimserver documented? Please don't tell
me that it is in the code.

In future releases, when such a major change is make, can we get good
documentation what has to be done to take advantage of these changes?
Also take into account that retagging is not always feasible due to the
size of the library.


Avi Schwartz

2005-11-02, 13:01
No idea - I only just noticed that it was suppposed to do this - I did it the "hard" way, by simply editing the tags of the files in the 2nd (and on one occasion 3rd) CD.

No real answer I'm afraid.