View Full Version : Help request - High CPU utilization with 6.2

2005-11-02, 08:35
I've been running the Slimserver software on my machine (Athlon 650, 256 mb RAM, Windows 2000) for nearly a week without problem. Suddenly today, after importing several CDs into ITunes as AIFF files, I'm experiencing nearly 100% CPU utilization by slim.exe.
The usage is so high, that Slimserver is essentially shut down - the Squeezebox downstairs cannot locate the Slimserver. Nor can I open the Slimserver browser interface - the browser status stays at "Waiting for localhost..."

Over the last few days, I've imported a number of audio cds to my hard drive via Itunes without this difficulty. I shut the computer down and restarted. Slimserver ran normally, until I imported another album via Itunes. Now I'm back to high CPU utilization - again. It's been at 100% for over 30 minutes now. Any suggestions? Thanks

2005-11-02, 14:51
Evidently, I found the solution to this issue of excessive CPU utilitzation. Under "server settings" I unchecked the selection for "Use iTunes" I've ripped about 10 cds since to my hard drive - and I've had no problem with Slim.exe malfunctioning.

I noticed a significant drop in RAM usage too - from a whopping 57 Mb with iTunes selected, to 37 Mb with the option "Do Not Use Itunes"

Dave D
2005-11-02, 16:07
Under "server settings" I unchecked the selection for "Use iTunes"

I don't see that under "Server Settings." Is that maybe a context-sensitive item, i.e. if no iTunes installed, the option is not there?

2005-11-02, 18:51
Try Server Settings->Plugins and uncheck iTunes.