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2005-11-02, 00:39

I run SlimServer on Linux, and iTunes on Windows (of course).

Is there any way to get SS to see my iTunes smart playlists - even if it means copying them from one to the other?

I've got some iTunes playlists which I'd like to use my SB to play for an upcoming party without manually having to recreate them in SlimServer.


Craig, James (IT)
2005-11-02, 08:40
Yes, you can run the iTunes plugin from a Linux SlimServer, as long as
it can see the location of the iTunes Library XML file and the music
files. You'll need to copy the Library file over as a one-off if not.

This might end up being a lot of work for a party this weekend though!

There was mentioned a tool for creating .m3u playlists from iTunes
recently, this could be an alternative.
You may need to doctor the m3u files after creating them, so the paths
match the file locations on LINUX, but that should be easy.
I found this http://chimpen.com/things/archives/001450.php on Google but
I'm sure there are others.


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2005-11-02, 09:20
Thanks, I converted the iTunes playlist to a m3u file with the tool you noted, I had to do a search and replace on the path for each track (the music is actually on the linux machine, so whilst windows saw it as \\server\path, it was really /var/share/blah). Now things are set up fine, and my 'good music' playlist is all ready.